Mapping the latest polio vaccination campaign

In Luanda’s ‘500 Houses’ bairro (residential zone), Henriques Ribeiro carries out GPS mapping in order to determine the penetration of the December 2012 nationwide polio vaccine campaign.

Polio remains endemic in three countries — Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan — and has re-established transmission in three countries which were previously polio-free: Angola, Chad and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On 7 July 2012, Angola passed a milestone: a year had passed without a single case of polio. Its last case was July 7 2011, in Uige province. There were five cases of polio in 2011.

Several times a year across Angola there are vaccination campaigns to vaccinate children under 5 against polio. Work needs to be done to make sure that vaccination teams reach all the children so that Angola will remain polio-free.

UNICEF, WHO, USAID, Gates Foundation are working with the International Committee of the Red Cross and local NGOs including Development Workshop to build support for these polio vaccine programmes with financial contributions from the Angolan Government.

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