Papusecco explains the job of community development

Benjamin Papusseco is my name, I have worked at DW for a year. The work I do takes the perspective of the ‘evolution model of engagement’ with communities.
 I work in the development of communities  in Luanda’s Cazenga district.

My main role in this program is: capacity building, community mobilization, project management, data collection and planning, creating engagement with community administration and service providers, creating dialogue and encouraging participation from the community, basic service provision, literacy, income generation, community awareness on HIV.

I also facilitate professional courses about poverty alleviation, policy influencing, advocacy and community media.

Hello from Papusseco

My name is Benjamim Papusseco. I´m from Huila province and I´m twenty-four years old. I’m a student at Agostinho Neto University in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

I live in Viana. I have a daughter. She’s nine years old and has short brown hair and dark-coloured eyes. I also have a girl friend.

My favorite food is funge with dry meat. My dream is to live on the Amazon for at least two years.