Working in Cazenga, one of the biggest musseques in Luanda

Workshop, Cazenga bairro.

Project training, Cazenga bairro.

Private primary school in Calawenda.

Private primary school in Calawenda.

Hi, it´s me again. And today I want to share with you about my job.I work for DW as a development officer for the municipality of Cazenga. My work is to assist the different groups in Cazenga by reinforcing their capacity to deal with problems that we find in the municipality.


Meeting to assist group leaders, Cazenga bairro.

Cazenga is one of the biggest musseques in Luanda, Angola. There we find a lot of poverty. It’s difficult for people there to have water, electricity, birth certificate, health care and education. The government has been doing something but needs to do more.

For years people in Cazenga were just waiting for the government but now with the work that we (DW) are working there with the community and giving them training about participative governance they are changing their minds and are becoming part of the solution.

Taking a break, Cazenga bairro.

Selling snacks, Cazenga bairro.

It is not an easy job, because sometimes the government may see us as troublesome. Also it’s not easy for the people to get the point quickly and because of the poverty most of the time they are waiting to receive some money besides training. But I love this job because I can see changes in the lives of people and since I started there are changes happening.

Thanks and see you next time.

S. Macunge

Meeting, Cazenga bairro.

Meeting to assist IERA group leaders, Cazenga bairro.

My Obama re-election response

Simão in Luanda.

Uh, uh, uh… Another four years. It´s great to see that Americans gave another four years of Obama in the White House. I just hope that he will respond well to the vote that the people are giving him.


Introducing Simão

My name is Simão. I’m from Angola. I’ve been married for seven year now and I have two children, both are boys. They were born in Mozambique. My older son is four years old and my younger son is two years old.

I’ve been working for DW since last November 8 as a Development Officer. My wife has worked as a teacher since 2003 at a primary school. I love my family a lot and I look forward to organizing my life so that I can take care of them.

The English class is helping me to improve my skills. I’m enjoying it because I can learn to correct my mistakes.