Mapping the latest polio vaccination campaign

In Luanda’s ‘500 Houses’ bairro (residential zone), Henriques Ribeiro carries out GPS mapping in order to determine the penetration of the December 2012 nationwide polio vaccine campaign.

Polio remains endemic in three countries — Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan — and has re-established transmission in three countries which were previously polio-free: Angola, Chad and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On 7 July 2012, Angola passed a milestone: a year had passed without a single case of polio. Its last case was July 7 2011, in Uige province. There were five cases of polio in 2011.

Several times a year across Angola there are vaccination campaigns to vaccinate children under 5 against polio. Work needs to be done to make sure that vaccination teams reach all the children so that Angola will remain polio-free.

UNICEF, WHO, USAID, Gates Foundation are working with the International Committee of the Red Cross and local NGOs including Development Workshop to build support for these polio vaccine programmes with financial contributions from the Angolan Government.

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A Geographic Information Systems expert

Cazenga district (Cazenga bairro)

Cazenga district (Cazenga bairro).

I started working at Development Workshop (DW) in November 2011, in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

As a GIS expert, I collect field data with my GPS device, then I upload the data into Excel and create databases of geographical points.

I make thematic maps and update geographic boundaries of a certain area in the database. I survey the level of infrastructure in Luanda and other cities and represent the infrastructure on a map.

I also give GIS training to partners who collaborate with DW.

-Henriques Ribeiro

We applaud Obama’s re-election!

Barack and Michelle Obama after his victory speech.

I like that President Barak Obama was re-elected. I believe his way of thinking will contribute to many African countries with their democratic development.
– Massomba

I’m very happy Mr. Obama was re-elected as President of the USA. He works for every nation of the world to implement democracy. I have a dream that he will change the minds of African leaders to work for all the people not only themselves.

I’m Henriques…

At a GIS Workshop in the Faculty of Science.

I’m Henriques. I’m forty years old. I was born in Mbanza Congo and have lived in Luanda for more than twenty-four years. My partner is a beautiful woman and we have four children.  I’m the last of six brothers and we’re a very happy and united family.

I have a degree in Engineering Informatics and specialize in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In my free time I like listening to music, dancing and watching television programs and sports. From time to time I like to read a good book and to go out with friends for a few beers.

In South Africa.

I like doing weights at the gym three times a week to keep my body in shape.

In the gym.