Introducing Simão

My name is Simão. I’m from Angola. I’ve been married for seven year now and I have two children, both are boys. They were born in Mozambique. My older son is four years old and my younger son is two years old.

I’ve been working for DW since last November 8 as a Development Officer. My wife has worked as a teacher since 2003 at a primary school. I love my family a lot and I look forward to organizing my life so that I can take care of them.

The English class is helping me to improve my skills. I’m enjoying it because I can learn to correct my mistakes.

Introducing Helga


My name is Helga. I’m thirty. I live with my mother and two brothers. I don’t have any children. I studied Economic Law at Jean Piajet University.

I work for Development Workshop (DW) and manage the Research and Documents Centre.

In my free time I go to the cinema and I like watching television, especially National Geographic Channel, the History Channel and the news. Sometimes I go to the beach and nightclubs. I also like to visit my friends and stay at home.

I’m single but I have a boyfriend. I have a car.

I like my work a lot because I can contact people around the world.

I hope to visit Malange Province in Angola and Maputo in Mozambique soon. I have visited other countries: South Africa, Portugal and Namibia.

I’m very happy to participate in the English Course at DW.

Helga in Cape Town, South Africa.