Polio Vaccination Campaign

Campaign staff and volunteers.A group of volunteers, including DW staff, joined a three day Polio Vaccination Campaign in the municipality of Viana. The campaign was organized together with the Ministry of Health, USAID – US Agency for International Development, World Health Organization (WHO) and Africare.

dThe arm over the head position, as in the picture above, shows how you can determine if a child is under or over 5 years of age. If s/he can catch the ear, they are over 5. Then they don’t need the vaccine anymore. Many children and their parents are not really sure of their age. This is how you can test it.

The director of Africare, Erna van Goor, and the Administrator of Viana, Manuel Mateus Caterça were happy with the very successful campaign, and hope this will support Angola to receive their Polio Free Certificate before the end of the year.

Allan Cain on The Challenges of Community Water Management in Angola

“The poorest people in Luanda are paying a quarter of a billion dollars every year to buy water…” DW director Allan Cain gave a presentation to the Angola Field Group on August 28, 2014, about the challenges of Community Water Management in Angola. DW, together with the government, has developed a policy of community management of water as part of the Angolan Government’s Water for All Program, called “MoGeCA”. MoGeCA promotes an approach involving local communities in the planning, construction and management of water points, as a basic strategy promoting local development.

An audio recording of the presentation (in English) can be heard on DW’s website at www.dw.angonet.org/forumitem/1429.

A MoGeCA Manual on Community Water Management and a set of cards to be used at training have been published and printed. You can download them both a PDF (in Portuguese) on DW’s website at www.dw.angonet.org/forumitem/1429. The Manual has become the Angolan National Policy on sustainable water management.

Allan Cain also showed a new video about DW’s work in Integrated Community Water Project in Angola’s Peri-Urban Areas.


Hard life in the ‘mouth of the River’


Photo courtesy of the Cacuaco Forum Blog

Residents of the town of Cacuaco, Angola need water, hospitals, electricity, public transport, recreational areas for children and police patrols in order to meet the needs of the population explosion in the area. The town, located 10 km from the outskirts of Luanda, was originally inhabited mostly by fishermen, and then became the home to displaced migrants during the war. More recently Cacuaco is filling the need of people hoping to realize their dream of home ownership. Read the full story in DW’s Cacuaco Forum blog here.


Development Workshop publishes 3 new books about Angola

We’re excited to announce the publication of three new book titles by Development Workshop that are now available in print and also as a free PDF download on our Books page.

AguaMoGeCaO Modelo de Gestão Comunitária de Água: MoGeCA privilegia na sua abordagem o envolvimento dos grupos locais na negociação, construção e gestão dos pontos de água, como pressuposto básico para promover o desenvolvimento local.

Huambo AtlasAtlas and Profile of Huambo / O Atlas e perfil do Huambo: This book offers information essential to understand better the customs and traditions, realities and aspirations of the province’s inhabitants. This information is important and timely for all decision-makers to enable them to take appropriate steps in the planning and execution of measures appropriate to fulfilling the aspirations of the citizens of the Central Plateau. O Atlas e Perfil do Huambo: sua terre e suas gentes proporciona-nos informações fundamentais para melhor conhecimento dos usos e costumes, práticas e aspirações das populações que habitam a província, subsídios fundamentais e oportunos para os decisores do País e da região, tomarem as medidas adequadas na programação e execução de acções susceptíveis de assegurar um bem estar a altura das pretensões dos cidadãos do Planalto Central.

Cuvelai BasinThe Cuvelai Basin in Angola and Namibia / Povos e água da bacia do Cuvelai em Angola e Namíbia: The Cuvelai Basin is perhaps unique in the world as a drainage system that consists of hundreds of channels that join and separate thousands of times. Esta compilação de informações tem como foco a forma como correm as águas na Bacia do Cuvelai e as pessoas que aí vivem. Ambos os aspectos chamaram a atenção, recentemente, devido aos níveis acima do normal das águas e às inundações dos últimos três anos.

Germany renews billion euros pledge to fight AIDS, tuberculosis & malaria

Big news from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos this week: German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel announced a EUR 1 billion (approximately US$ 1.3 billion) pledge from Germany to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria for the period 2012-2016. He explains why here.

The commitment means that Germany’s is continuing its pledge for annual contributions of EUR 200 million for a total of five years, through to 2016. In 2013, the Global Fund will host a once-every-three-years fund raising conference where donors can announce commitments to the Global Fund, enabling the Global Fund to increase the predictability of its efforts.

In this video from The Global Fund’s YouTube channel, three leaders share their experiences of Global Fund financing from the perspective of grant holders in Sub-Saharan Africa, the region most affected by HIV. Featured are: Mphu Keneiloe Ramatlapeng, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Lesotho; Joy Phumaphi, former Health Minister, Botswana and former World Bank Vice President; and Agnes Binagwaho, Permanent Secretary of Health, Rwanda and Chair of Rwanda’s Country Coordinating Mechanism — the organizing body which accesses Global Fund grants.